Membership Benefits

Be Independent Yet Don’t Be Alone! PBCA Supports You…

PBCA – North America’s Premier Alliance of Independent Business Coaches!

The PBCA is home to more than a hundred business coaches from around the United States and Canada who share best practices, tools, strategies, support, and friendship. We get to know each other on skills calls, on our forum, at our conferences and retreats. We have a full-range of members from beginning coaches to some of North America’s most established and highest-earning business coaches and consultants. The best part of the PBCA is that no matter your experience level, you will be supported and welcomed by everyone!

Our member-coaches:

  • value their independence, but they don’t want to be alone.
  • are smart enough to create all of their tools and programs from scratch, but would rather invest their time working with clients than developing all of their own material.
  • have an “abundance” mindset and appreciate that the “whole” of our membership is so much greater than the sum of our individual coaches! We hope you’ll join the family!
Business Coach Certification Member Benefits

PBCA Membership Tools Library As a PBCA member-coach, you will have full-access to a library of over 950 coaching tools including:

Professional Business Coaching Training Certification Alliance Membership Benefits
  • Sample Contacts
  • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Client Binder Templates
  • Business Assessment Tools
  • Group Coaching Programs
  • Business Diagnostic Tools
  • Person Effectiveness Tools
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Training Courses
  • Sample Email Marketing Sequences
  • Strategic Planning Templates
  • Much More
All of this material is free for you to download, customize, private label with your own name and logo, and use as your own!

Ongoing Development Opportunities​

Continuing Education

Virtual Peer Groups – All PBCA member-coaches are welcome to join our monthly Peer Group calls! These calls are professionally facilitated “mastermind sessions” where you will get the help you need, while also providing your peers any help you can offer. This is a great forum to improve your skills while building relationships with some of the best business coaches in North America!
Community Calls – Periodically, PBCA member-coaches will host teleconferences or webinars to share best practices, programs, tools, or strategies that they are using in their own practices/firms. During these calls, you will learn how to integrate consulting services into your coaching practice. You will learn about strategic planning retreats, business boot camps, fractional services, group coaching programs, pricing fundamentals, scheduling techniques, emerging leaders coaching, social media marketing, selling fundamentals, and more! As an experienced coach, we will all be grateful to you when you volunteer to host a call to share your winning strategies!

North American Conferences

Annual Conference is a 2 ½ day, live conference that is chock-full of workshops, seminars, and roundtables. During these conferences, you will learn new skills that can have a tremendously favorable impact on your skills and on your own business. You will also have the opportunity to develop and foster friendships with business coaches from around the world! At our Annual Conference, we award our Business Coach of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards during our Annual Dinner!
PBCA Master Coach Retreat is a 2 ½ day, live conference for business coaches who are billing more than $150,000 per year in revenue. These retreats are less formal than our Annual Conferences and include high-level sessions and discussions that are beneficial for seasoned coaches. This is an exclusive retreat, but the content and notes are shared afterward with our entire membership, so everyone can benefit!