Certification Programs

Become a Certified Business Coach Helping Businesses Thrive

To ensure that all PBCA coaches continue to represent the professionalism and experience the PBCA brand represents, we thoroughly vet the experience of each new member. New-to-coaching members must have significant business experience and demonstrate through our certification process mastery of coaching techniques. For existing business coaches and advisors, we look for a combination of previous business experience and previous coaching/advisory experience. Based on this, we offer an accelerated certification process that is designed to provide the foundation of the PBCA concepts to ensure we all can speak the same language. Review below our VIRTUAL and ACCELERATED course options

By the time training week ends you will be ready to:

  • Understand why business owners and executives hire business coaches.
  • Understand what business coaching is, what it is not, and how business coaching services work nicely in conjunction with other business advisory services.
  • Have your first experiences using professional business coaching fundamentals.
  • Have a full understanding of the course you just completed by pulling it all together with a sequential review.
  • Learn how to use seminars/presentations as an effective way to earn clients.
  • Learn how to most-effectively schedule your coaching sessions and other service-offerings.
  • Learn the deliverables and the fundamentals of business coaching.
  • Learn effective ways to onboard new clients and kick-off new coaching relationships.
  • Be recognized as Certified Professional Business Coaches in the Professional Business Coaches Alliance!
Business Coach Certification Programs Syracuse

First Week - Day 1

9am – 12pm
(Eastern Time)
Business Coaching Fundamentals – In this module, participants will learn how business coaching differs from traditional consulting, and how the two different types of services work well in conjunction with each other. You’ll learn about the deliverables of business coaching, the “Arrows in the Quiver” of business coaching, and the core business coaching fundamentals that will make you a world-class business coach!
12pm – 2pm
2pm – 5pm
Business Coaching Fundamentals – This module is a continuation of Module 1, followed by a demonstration role-play of “typical” business coaching, followed by a demonstration of “world-class” business coaching so that participants can clearly see the difference. Then, participants will practice the coaching fundamentals with live, roll-play coaching with after-coaching reviews.

First Week - Day 2

9am – 12pm
(Eastern Time)
DISC Behavioral Assessments – This module will start with an “in-depth review” of Modules 1 and 2. Then, participants will be provided DISC Behavioral Assessment training to understand the four primary behavioral styles that are the backbone of DISC. They will learn how these assessments can significantly impact coaching and affect clients. We will review each Participant’s individual DISC assessment so that each coach can understand his/her own behavioral style and how that style is perceived by other styles. This module will wrap-up with a discussion of how DISC assessments can be used as “stand-alone” revenue-generating services as well as being used in conjunction with retainer-based coaching clients. *PBCA Members have access to free licensing and significantly discounted DISC reports through Extended DISC International. Instructions to attend free DISC training and register to be a licensee will be provided at the end of this session.
12pm – 2pm
2pm – 5pm
The Strategy Coaching Model for Selling Business Coaching Services – In this module, we will discuss the fundamentals presented in the Strategy Coaching manual that participants read as homework. Specifically, we will discuss the most-effective ways for business coaches to position themselves with prospective clients, how they can use a “discovery session” as a sales tool, and how to end these sessions by signing up paying clients. We’ll also discuss typical objections and highly-effective ways to overcome those objections.

First Week - Day 3

9am – 12pm
(Eastern Time)

Service Offerings and Pricing Fundamentals – In this module of training, participants will be introduced to three primary silos of a business coaching practice or firm. Those silos consist of (1) Business Coaching, (2) Business Consulting, and (3) Training. Participants will also understand the different types of business advisory services that they can incorporate into their business coaching practice/firm and understand the different types of pricing strategies they may want to consider as their pricing their services.

12pm – 2pm
2pm – 5pm
The Biggest Mistakes Business Coaches Make and Marketing Fundamentals – In this module of training, we’ll reinforce the business coaching fundamentals training by teaching it backwards! We’ll start by reviewing the common mistakes that business coaches make, then discuss why we make those mistakes and specifically, which fundamentals are being violated. We’ll also review the biggest mistakes made in selling business coaching services so that participants can avoid them! This module will conclude by discussing the most effective marketing strategies to find prospective clients.
Successful completion of either course will earn you the designation as Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC). Your CPBC certification makes you eligible to join the PBCA as a member-coach for $250 (US) per month if you choose to take advantage of that.

Our Sample Certification Agenda (offered virtually or in-person)


  • The “Deliverables” of Business Coaching
  • Arrows in the Quiver of Business Coaching
  • Business Coaching Fundamentals
  • Strategy Coaching Model to Earn New Clients (Selling Fundamentals)
  • Role Plays (As Coach, Client, and Observer)


  • DISC Behavioral Assessments (Free License to Use DISC!)
  • Service Offerings / Pricing Fundamentals
  • Group Coaching (Training and Practice)
  • Top Ten Mistakes Business Coaches Make
  • Onboarding a New Client
  • The Most Powerful Way to End a Presentation
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • 6:30pm – Class Dinner! (Courtesy of the PBCA)


  • PBCA Member-Site Tour (Calendar of Events / Forum / Library of Tools)
  • Scheduling Fundamentals
  • Creation of Personalized Action Plan
  • Buddy Coach Pairing
  • Jumpstart Schedule
  • DISC Virtual Training Schedule
  • Certificates / Farewells for Accelerator Class – Lunch Break for Accelerator Plus Class
  • Accelerator Course Adjourns

Certification is Only The Beginning!

Continuing Education

Virtual Peer Groups – All PBCA member-coaches are welcome to join our monthly Peer Group calls! These calls are professionally facilitated “mastermind sessions” where you will get the help you need, while also providing your peers any help you can offer. This is a great forum to improve your skills while building relationships with some of the best business coaches in North America!
Community Calls – Periodically, PBCA member-coaches will host teleconferences or webinars to share best practices, programs, tools, or strategies that they are using in their own practices/firms. During these calls, you will learn how to integrate consulting services into your coaching practice. You will learn about strategic planning retreats, business boot camps, fractional services, group coaching programs, pricing fundamentals, scheduling techniques, emerging leaders coaching, social media marketing, selling fundamentals, and more! As an experienced coach, we will all be grateful to you when you volunteer to host a call to share your winning strategies!


Annual Conference is a 2 ½ day, live conference that is chock-full of workshops, seminars, and roundtables. During these conferences, you will learn new skills that can have a tremendously favorable impact on your skills and on your own business. You will also have the opportunity to develop and foster friendships with business coaches from around the world! At our Annual Conference, we award our Business Coach of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards during our Annual Dinner!
PBCA Master Coach Retreat is a 2 ½ day, live conference for business coaches who are billing more than $150,000 per year in revenue. These retreats are less formal than our Annual Conferences and include high-level sessions and discussions that are beneficial for seasoned coaches. This is an exclusive retreat, but the content and notes are shared afterward with our entire membership, so everyone can benefit!