Get Certified

Certification is the First Step in Membership

The PBCA is for business coaches only. We are seeking to expand our membership with current business coaches and experienced professionals wanting to become business coaches. We offer premier certifications in business, executive, and small business coaching, supplying proven methods and tools for veteran coaches as well as simplifying the path to becoming a coach.

Certification Benefits

Adopt Best Practices

See what has made others like you successful and adopt those best practices.

Learn Proven Skills

Learn new skills in business development and delivery of services.

Experienced Instructors

Engage with our amazing instructors with vast business experience.

Collaborative Learning

Work with other business coaches throughout our training.

Certification Course

Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC) training takes place over 4 days with our instructors. By the end of the training you will:

  • Understand why business owners and executives hire business coaches.
  • Understand what business coaching is, what it is not, and how business coaching services work nicely in conjunction with other business advisory services.
  • Have your first experiences using professional business coaching fundamentals.
  • Have a full understanding of the course you just completed by pulling it all together with a sequential review.
  • Learn how to use seminars/presentations as an effective way to earn clients.
  • Learn how to most-effectively schedule your coaching sessions and other service-offerings.
  • Learn the deliverables and the fundamentals of business coaching.
  • Learn effective ways to onboard new clients and kick-off new coaching relationships.
  • Be recognized as Certified Professional Business Coaches in the Professional Business Coaches Alliance!

Certification is Only the Beginning

Continue your education through additional PBCA curriculum built around the mastery and tools of business coaching.

  • BEE and LEE Certification
  • Master Coach Certification
  • PBCA’BOS Certification
  • and more…