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Jim Petersen founded Diversified Professional Coaching, LLC in July 2020 with two associates to utilize the talents of Professional Coaches in assisting others to achieve their dreams. Jim is also the President and owner of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, LLC as of October 2020. As of February 2022, Jim is the Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF) Director at The American College of Financial Services (TAC). He entered the financial services field in 1983 while continuing almost a 22-year career in the US Navy and US Naval Reserves. He served as a submarine officer and retired with the rank of captain (0-6). Jim retired from a major financial services company at the end of 2018, having served in multiple positions in the field and the home office. He holds a BS degree from the US Naval Academy and two master’s degrees from TAC. He is the first financial services manager to be awarded a PhD in financial and retirement planning from TAC and is the Chair of Leadership at TAC Jim is a speaker, author, and prolific entrepreneur. His latest book, The Spirit to Soar, released on February 8, 2022.